The Voltaire Cycle’s Best Price Guarantee: we guarantee to meet or beat any online advertised price for any product that we sell. If you find any product online that is advertised for less than what we are advertising – send us the link. If your link proves to be a legitimate dealer (authorized as a brand dealer for that product) and is advertised as NEW, we will absolutely meet or beat that advertised price.

We are an exclusive e-mobility and cycling shop representing the most recognized brands in the industry. Many of our carefully selected brands prohibit its dealership network from advertising it products below the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). MAP is what you will find on most legitimate dealership websites. Variations in prices between legitimate dealerships are usually the result of poor website management of product data, or additional fees that are excluded or sometimes included in the price such as assembly fees.

Voltaire Cycles’ Best Price Guarantee means that we will meet and/or beat any advertised price for the same product with the same conditions from any authorized and legitimate dealer for that brand. 3rd party unauthorized dealers such as those sometimes found on Ebay or Amazon are excluded from this guarantee. If you are attracted to such vendors that you see advertising a product you are intending to purchase, check carefully with the seller to make sure they are an authorized dealer for the brand. If they are not authorized, then in all likelihood, they’ve come by those products by illicit means. In most cases, both warranty, and any issues you may discover after delivery will not be honored by the manufacturer. Check carefully with the seller on return, repairs, and warranty service. Only authorized dealers can accept returns, handle repairs, and authorize warranty services.

If it's a choice between buying from shop X, and buying from shop Y, we will always strive to be the shop that you can count on for service, repairs, returns, exchanges, and a first-name relationship. For any of our e-vehicles over $1,000, we always include a substantial discount on at least one accessory - and usually, if you are new to riding, we will give you a bundle discount on all of the gear you might want to have 'on-hand'. This adds up quickly to far more savings than you’ll ever find on any other dealership website. We have customers who purchase an e-bike from us at MAP, then receive discounts on accessories which total over $1000. That's a lot of savings!