We remember a time when the neighborhood bicycle shop was a place of dreams. Enticed by the sparkle of brightly painted models, shiny tires, the glint of sun on the polished chrome was a scintillating mix of adventure, the promise of wind-in-the-face, and unlimited horizons. It was the place we most wanted to be when school was out. We longed for the moment when we would be old enough to get a job behind the counter working on bikes and making them better, faster, sleeker.

Voltaire Cycles is our answer to the loss of those once hallowed places where people came to share their adventures and marvel at new rides. It’s a place where young and old come to enjoy the common bond that has united people for over a century.

Voltaire Cycles specializes in the designs and innovations that have come and passed. That is why we represent some of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. We see the connection between old and new and somewhere in between, is a ride for you. Give us a chance to be that place again.

Call us: (303) 557-2048  or visit: 9579 S. University Blvd, Suite 170, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126